Dr Gallow is the head researcher and head Doctor at Cannabis Oil Research. She has vast academic qualifications in both the medical sector, public health and strategic management. Dr Gallow is registered with the HPCSA in Clinical Pathology as a Medical Scientist. She is also a registered Professional Natural Scientist with the SACNASP. Additionally, Dr Gallow is registered as an Ethnomedicine Medical Practioner with EPASA and is also a registered Dr with the ANHA.

Dr Gallow has vast experience in ensuring a facility obtains and retains accreditation and certification and complies with required accreditation quality standards and legislation. She has been involved in ISO 17025 and 15189 standards, British Qualogy GCLP, FHI DAIDS, OHS Health and Safety, and FDA inspections.


Head Doctor

Dr Shiksha Gallow

Thursday: 13:00 | Saturday 12:30  

Title of Talk:

Cannabis Oil Research

Medical Cannabis: The Evidence

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For the past 28 years Cornel van der Watt, the Director of Complete Cannabis Solutions, has been cultivating cannabis locally and internationally.  He has tried and tested many products and after years of research and development has discovered the best machinery and products that help achieve optimum results. In this presentation Cornel van der Watt and Christo Moller will demo the latest technology and products that will ensure ultimate success for any grow operation, large or small.

The White Lion/Director

Cornel van der Watt

Friday: 15:00  | Saturday: 13:00

Title of Talk:

Complete Cannabis Solutions

The Best Solutions for a Successful Grow Operation

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Trevor is a bio-chemist and an engineer, with an MBA.

He has a wealth of over 41 years of knowledge and experience in the cannabis industry.

The World leading Medicinal Cannabinoid Company, Canna I Heal U, originated with Trevor being sent home in a wheelchair, to die, where instead he cured himself from 5 cancers. 

And helped others turn multiple diseases around.  He has cured over 16 000 people from cancers.   

Bio-Chemist & Engneer

Trevor Parkinson

Friday: 14:00

Title of Talk:

Cannabis Oil Research

The Healing Properties of Cannabinoids    

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Julian (Jules) Stobbs is Director of Social Activism at Fields Of Green For ALL, South Africa’s only cannabis legalisation Non Profit Company. He is also one half of the ‘Dagga Couple’, and with his partner, Myrtle Clarke, took on the SA government after being arrested in their home in Johannesburg in 2010 for possession of dagga.


Julian Stobbs

Thursday: 14:00 | Friday: 17:00 | Saturday: 11:00 | Sunday: 13:00

Title of Talk:

One half of the Dagga Couple, Fields of Green for ALL - Non-Profit Company

Cannabis in South Africa: The Transition from a Movement to an Industry

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While most people would have thrown their hands in despair, Roy was not prepared to let the demons rule their lives after his wife Rosy was struck with cancer just over 11 years ago. Having learnt much as he helped nurse her back to health, Roy, 62, founded the Phoenix North Coast (PNC) Cancer Support Group, along with other volunteers, to help those in need. In his presentation, he will reflect the trials, tribulations and challenges facing those diagnosed with cancer, and the envisaged role of the support group.

Founder & Vice Chairman

Roy Sukdhev

Thursday: 12:30

Title of Talk:

Phoenix North Coast (PNC) Cancer Support Group

Benefits of Medical Cannabis: As Experienced by Some of Our Patients

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My name is Kevin Pearman and I suffer from a terrible disease called “Ankylosis Spondylitis”, an autoimmune disease with high levels of inflammation and pain. 

I was diagnosed in 2014 by one of South Africa’s top rheumatologist Dr Washeed Wadee from Sunninghill hospital - a day that I will never forget. 


This began my journey into understanding what CBD was all about.  

The last 5 years I have used my body / mind and soul as a case study on what actual works (medicine / natural essential oils) and I can therefore state that CBD and THC are not a miracle molecule.


Kevin Pearman

Thursday: 13:30 | Friday: 15:30 | Saturday: 14:00 | Sunday 12:30

Title of Talk

Irie CBD

"It’s Not Just About CBD” the Proposed Miracle Molecule!!

Speaking Slots:

Leon van der Linde is the CEO of CanbiGold, a pharmacologist who holds honours and master’s degrees in Pharmacology.


His academic background gave him the insight to understand the importance of Pharmacokinetics and more specifically the bioavailability aspect of chemical distribution Leon realised that many of the known herbal extracts for medication sufficient efficacy due to low bioavailability. This led to 10 new patents in the last 18 months. This research and development was applied to Cannabis for medicinal use which significantly reduced the side effects of prolonged Cannabis usage.


It also increased the Pharmacodynamics of Cannabis by introducing synergy by combining CBD with other indigenous plants and ingredients.


Leon van der Linde

Friday: 12:30

Title of Talk:


Treating Ailments With Cannabis

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Sheldon Cramer is more commonly known as the cannabis activist Bobby Greenhash, he is one of the founders and CEO of The Bobby Greenhash Foundation.

He has been actively involved in the struggle to get the true potential of the amazing plant for most of his adult life.

The man who has been dubbed the “Robin Hood of cannabis” chose to be the face of what most decided to be faceless in.

Executive Treasurer

Sheldon Cramer

Thursday: 10:30

Title of Talk:

The Bobby Greenhash Foundation | Executive Treasurer of CDCSA & CDCKZN

Responsible Adult use

Speaking Slots:

Wayne Farrell is a recognised coffee expert that has developed and pioneered specialised Italian coffee and barrister training to the industry in South Africa. 

Canna Coffee specialises in the finest organic and fairtrade coffee beans, infused with CBD. How to infuse products with CBD and become a cannabis entrepreneur.


Wayne Farrell

Thursday: 16:00 

Title of Talk

Canna Coffee Company

How To Infuse Beverages With CBD

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